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Welcome to my Project Videos! These clips represent the last decade of my 20 year career in the games industry. As Environment Lead and Manager, my direct influence and contributions are extensive and broad in scope; as with all games, the end product is the collaboration of a team effort. For a more descriptive breakdown of my contributions, check out the high resolution images of these and other works in the Image Gallery.

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MARVEL: AVENGERS ALLIANCE 2 is the highly anticipated turn-based IOS, Android and Windows successor to the Facebook hit MARVEL: AVENGERS ALLIANCE.

I joined the Disney Interactive team during mid production to take over the role of Sr. Environment Artist. I was responsible for revamping the look and feel of the MAA2 environments, completing development of 14 Combat Arenas, Mission Maps and Front End Scenes, while advancing the graphic quality of the game to the highest AAA standards.




Star Wars: Attack Squadrons, was a free-to-play online space combat game for PC browsers using the Unity engine. The game supported three PVP modes, including a free-for-all deathmatch mode, team battles, and “Base Defense,” where teams must either defend their base or coordinate an attack against the opposing team.

As Art Manager and Environment Lead on Star Wars: Attack Squadrons, I played an integral role in driving the look and feel of the game, level design and content production. I was also charged with establishing the art pipeline for the studio, which brought next-gen state-of-the-art Physically Based Rendering and HDR/Image Based Lighting techniques to the web browser platform.




Submercenaries is an internally developed vehicle action combat game based off of the Attack Squadrons technologies. In addition to leading the environment development efforts, my biggest contribution to the project was pulling off a realistic deep water atmosphere which included the lighting and all special effects.




Super Hero Squad Online is a Unity browser based MMO game for younger audiences founded off the Marvel Super Hero Squad television show and Hasbro toy line. Marvel Super Hero Squad Online was the first MMO game developed for Marvel and has over 2.5 million subscribers.

As Environment Lead on SHSO I oversaw and directed a team of production artist for the development of all the environments including; Game World Zones, Brawler Missions, Card Game Arenas and Headquarters. My responsibilities also included pipeline development, engine and tools R&D, managing external development, content creation and was the primary artist and designer for all the Game World Zones.

Please excuse the poor video quality, for higher resolution content see my Gallery.



Creature Hunter Online was a full scale MMO developed for Sierra Online. I was the Lead World Builder on the project. I was responsible for establishing the environment art pipeline, which included the implementation BigWorld Technology editor, which at the time was still in BETA. I set the style and look for all the terrain and environment layouts as well as building worlds. A team of three production artists also built worlds under my direction.




Forza Motorsport 2 is part of the best selling simulation racing game franchise on the XBox 360 developed by Microsoft’s Turn 10 Studios.

As Track Lead on Forza Motorsport 2, I Art directed and led a team of up to 5 contractors and was accountable for the production of six real world, photo-realistic racetracks. I also had the pleasure of traveling to Italy, Japan and France to gather GPS data and photo reference for tracks to be developed for Forza.



OK, put on your retro hat, because I’m taking you back to the year 2005….. I was the Producer, Art Director and Primary Artist for Cartel, which was a playable demo for an original game concept that helped lead to the acquisition of Cat Daddy Games by Take2 Interactive. I did pretty much everything on this project with the exception of the characters and a some of the textures. I also wrote an extensive design doc including multiple mission scripts and a story arc.